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Select this option if you are employed and have W2 income only (do not select this option if you itemize, bought and sold stocks, have a rental home, or have a small business).


What's included:

  • Federal & one state

  • e-File



Select this option if you have retirement income and/or choose to itemize your deductions from expenses like:

  • Mortgage interest

  • Property taxes

  • Medical and dental

  • Donations to charity

  • Casualty and theft losses

  • Job related expenses

​​What's included:

  • Federal & one state

  • e-File



Select this option if you sold stock or own rental property. Items included are:

  • Capital gains from traded stocks

  • Sold property

  • Received dividends

  • Received interest income

  • Earned rental income on a home or a building you own

  • Received royalties or have income reported on a Schedule K-1 from a partnership or S corp.

​​What's included:

  • All "Senior" features

  • Federal & one state

  • e-File



Select this option if you have a small business or are self-employed and:

  • Incurred expenses running your business

  • Used your personal car for business

  • Used part of your home for business

  • Paid employees or sub-contractors

  • Purchased health insurance as self-employed


What's included:

  • All "Senior" features

  • All "Investor" features

  • Federal & one state

  • e-File


How does it work?

We want to make the income tax preparation process as easy and painless as possible, that is why we offer remote income tax preparation. Our remote process takes less of your time and enables us to be more efficient. Here is how it works:

  • You send us the paperwork

Electronically or by mail send us all your tax return related documents and forms.


  • Questions

We may contact you to ask any questions to make sure we are not missing anything that will impact your refund.

  • We prepare the tax return

Based on the documents provided, we will enter all neccessary information in the tax software and contact you if we have any additional questions.


  • E-file Authorization form

After we have finished the tax return and double checked our work, we will send you the e-file authorization form for you to sign. By law we are required to have this signed form in our file in order for us to e-file your taxes. In this form you will also see the amount of tax refund (tax due) and once you sign it, send it back to us.


  • We e-file your tax return

After we have received your signed e-file authorization form and the tax preparation fee we will e-file your return and securely send you a copy of your income tax return.

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